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Information Resiliency and Risk Management

Government and commercial companies operate in high-risk information environments. Our expertise resides in both the lifecycle and containment dimensions. We assist your team in protecting and sustaining critical information assets throughout their lifecycle.

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Mission Critical Resiliency

Mission assurance and defense of weapon systems (aircraft, unmanned vehicles, weapons, and sensors) and support systems including data link, mission planning, maintenance, and logistics.

Development, technical, management, and engineering services for Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) Systems and Information Operations (IO), and unmanned systems.

Risk management and mitigation primarily focused on data analysis, planning, and management to reduce the information security risk to acceptable levels in a range of industry verticals.

  • Risk management and mitigation
  • Employee cyber training
  • Incident response action plans
  • System and physical security
  • Access and authentication management
  • Information and risk identification
  • Mission-level business impact analysis (BIA) and continuity planning
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Executive Buy-In

Executive Advisory

We offer board and stakeholder education and presentations. We also provide comprehensive support to the Chief Information Officer.

We advise logistics, banking, healthcare, retail, and Government executives and stakeholders by guiding compliance, security awareness, risk mitigation, incident response and planning, and data and system management.

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Training and Exercise Development

Training is essential for preparing the workforce against ever-evolving cyber threats. We provide proven expertise in executing cybersecurity compliance training for your workforce. We understand the nuances associated with cybersecurity compliance and the influence on employee behaviors.

We help garner change in employee behaviors that produce adaptive skills to identify and mitigate unique conditions that may present themselves - while conforming to defined policies and procedures.

Develop and facilitate comprehensive tabletop exercises to test your staff and systems. These exercises ensure you maintain compliance with incident response plans and related policies.

Cyber-focused exercise test plans, exercise facilitation, and after-action reviews and reports.

Exercise coordination and cyber wargame design in computer network defense, computer network attack, electronic and irregular warfare.

Support to Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and high yield Explosives (CBRNE) training, equipment, and maintenance.

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